Standalone Smoke Detector


Standalone Smoke Detector

This unit designed to provide automatic beep sound, when it sense the presence of smoke. It automatically stops the beep sound, when it sense the clean air in its surveillance. This unit is battery powered and are ideal for small indoor applications where the scope of audibility is within the room and the neighboring rooms.
Exclusive Features
  • Aesthetically designed that blends with environment
  • Built-in sounder
  • Insect-resistant screening
  • Easy to maintain/service
  • Dual bi-color LED indication for 360° viewing angle
Technical Summary
Electrical Specifications
Operating voltage : 3VDC
Quiescent current : 3µA
Alarm current : 300mA
Battery Type : 2x1.5V AA Size Battery
Normal : Green LED (Blinks every 8 sec)
Alarm : Red LED (Glows steady)
General Specifications
Smoke sensitivity : 1+/-0.5 %obs/foot
Operating temperature : 0ºC to 49ºC
Storage temperature : 5ºC to 40ºC
Sound level : 80dB at 1m
Humidity : 0-95%RH(Non-condensing)
Lifetime of Battery : 18 Months
Color : White
Housing : Polycarbonate
Without Base : 100x42mm
With Base : 100X54mm
Without Base : 80g
With Base : 120g
Know More

What is a smoke detector and how does it work?

Smoke detector is a measuring instrument that measures the level of smoke in its surveillance. It will raise an alarm only when the level of smoke exceeds its pre-set upper limit/threshold values.

Photoelectric/Optical Smoke detector work on a common light scattering principle. Smoke detector contains a chamber that consists of a light emitter usually a LED and a light a sensitive device like a photodiode that receives all the light directly emitted by the LED.

When the smoke enters the chamber, the intensity of light received by the photodiode reduces due to density of smoke. If the intensity of received light drops below a pre-set threshold level, fire alarm is triggered confirming fire. 

Unit of measure for level of smoke is Obscuration/foot (Obs/ft).

Photoelectric smoke detectors are highly sensitive to visual particles of smoke and also respond quickly to smouldering fires.

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