Automatic Fire Detection And Alarm Systems

Addressable Automatic fire detection and Voice Evacuation system as per NBC'16

NBC 2016- code recognizes that safety of life is more than a matter of means of egress. Danger from panic is greater, when large numbers of people are trapped in a confined area, particularly when people are not adequately guided towards egress and safety notifications are not implemented or practiced. Consideration towards announcement and announcement needs to be given to guide the occupants to safe egress routes and to control during situation of distress.

Automatic fire detection and alarm system (AFDAS) shall always include manually operated electronic fire alarm system (MOEFA). MOEFA includes Manual call points, Audio visual strobes, Talkback and Public Address System, Voice evacuation system employing English or vernacular language using prerecorded messages

Automatic Fire Detection And Voice Evacuation System is the minimal fire safety requirement for the following type of buildings as per NBC 2016

ApplicationDescriptionNBC'16 compliant Requisites
Residential Buildings
  • Residential Apartments & Houses (Above 60 mtrs in height)
  • Hotels
Educational BuildingsNot Required
Institutional Buildings
  • Hospitals & Clinics (Except one groung & one storey with/ without beds)
  • Custodial & penal & Mental (Except less than 10 mtrs)
Assembly Buildings
  • Auditorium
  • Assembly halls
  • Museum
  • Restaurants etc.
  • (All Except less than 10 mtrs high)
Business Buildings Professional establishment like officies of
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Post office
  • Research establishment
  • IT parks
  • Call centres
  • (All Except less than 10 mtrs high)
Mercantile Buildings
  • Shopes
  • Stores
  • Departmental stores
  • (All Except less than 10 mtrs high)
Industrial Buildings
  • Low Hazard (Except covered area less than 500 sq mtr and less than 15 mtr in height)
  • Moderate Hazard (Except covered area less than 500 sq mtr)
  • High Hazard (Except covered area less than 50 sq mtr)
Storage Buildings
  • Except covered area less than 250 sq mtr
  • Except multilevel car parking
Hazardous Buildings All typesRequired