Wireless Addressable

Wireless Addressable

Wireless system eliminates the use of cables in the addressable system. Addressable technology assigns a unique ID for every device in the network thereby enabling the system to pin point the location in emergency. Wireless system comprises fire detectors, manual call points, sounders etc. that function on battery and communicate with the addressable panel for control & monitoring purpose. This holds the same features as addressable system. Elimination of wires is the only difference.

Recommended for: Medium to large sized applications such as Schools, Hospitals, Residential complex, Malls, Hotels, etc.

detector series


Smoke Detector

Heat Detector



Manual Call Points

Manual Call Point

Indoor MCP


WirelessSiren (1)

Sounder with STU

Control Panel


Single Loop Panel

Modules & Accessories

WirelessSiren (2)

Signal Repeater Unit(STU)

Input Interface Unit

Output Interface Unit