Suppression System

Suppression System

Fire Suppression system solution from Airlight for extinguishing fire is advanced and is customised according to site condition. The suppression system can also be connected with Airlight Fire alarm control panel to initiate gas release automatically when the fire is detected. Fool proof algorithm ensures fire suppression gas release from cylinders only when 2 or more devices from the fire alarm system confirms fire, avoiding gas release during false alarm. Suppression gas can be released or aborted by triggering relevant connected switches.

Airlight undertakes the manufacture of following type control panels used for Fire Supression System

  • Control panel and accessories for Gas based Supression System
  • Addressable/Conventional sprinkler annunciation panel
  • Entire Fire Pump House Control Panel
  • IP Based Remote monitoring control of pump house control panel which includes operational status, pumps, compressor, pressure, water level, fuel level, power supply status etc.

We also undertake turnkey installation of various type specialized Fire Supression System like

  • NOVAC 1230 – 25 & 42 bar
  • FM200 – 25 & 42 bar
  • Aerosol Fire Supression System
  • Watermist system
  • Kitchen Fire Protection System

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