Public Addressable System

Digital Public Address System

Technically forward innovations from Airlight includes the design of Digital Public Address system on Android. This system includes digital paging speakers for broadcast and two way speaker/ talkback unit for two way communication and broadcasting purpose.

Device ID and detailed location description set for every single speaker in the network enables the user to identify and choose the specific speaker/ group of speakers to control. Talkback unit from Airlight replaces intercom to serve instant communication with the control panel. SD cards are used to store music files/ voice messages. Microphone is attached to the Public Address control panel with built on speaker for live announcement.

Recommended for : Large sized applications such as Schools, Stadiums, Hospitals, Residential complex, Malls, Industries, Hotels, Defense facilities etc.



Digital Paging Speaker


Two Way Digital Speaker

Control Panel


Digital Addressable Control Panel-1 Channel


Digital Addressable Control Panel-5 Channel


Digital Addressable Control Panel-9 Channel

Modules & Accessories


Speaker Driver Unit


Military Standard Digital Speaker Driver