MIL Output Module


Military Standard Addressable Intelligent Single Output Module

This unit is primarily used to deactivate appliances at the time of fire by tripping electrical supply line. It utilises a Form C dry contact relay circuit to control the ON/OFF status of the connected electrical appliance. This device can be identified with its location pin pointed in the control panel.

Exclusive Features
  • Powered by signaling line circuit
  • Blinking LED for visual Supervision
  • Address can be viewed and changed from the panel
  • Detailed location description
  • Soft addressing
  • Electrical Supervision
  • Transient Protection upto 2.4KV
Technical Summary

Electrical Specifications
Operating voltage : 17-24V DC
Quiescent current : 200 μA(max)
Alarm current : 10mA(max)
Relay Contact Rating : 2A@ 24V DC
Altitude : 3000m(above MSL)

Normal : Green LED(Blinks during scan)
Alarm : Red LED(Glows steady)

General Specifications
Operating temperature : -10ºC to 55ºC
Storage temperature : 5ºC to 40ºC
Humidity : 0-95% RH(Non-condensing)
Color : Red
Compatibility : AUAA2X Protocol

Mechanical Specification
Dimensions(HxWxD) : 106x108x38mm

Know More

What is a smoke detector and how does it work?

Smoke detector is a measuring instrument that measures the level of smoke in its surveillance. It will raise an alarm only when the level of smoke exceeds its pre-set upper limit/threshold values.

Photoelectric/Optical Smoke detector work on a common light scattering principle. Smoke detector contains a chamber that consists of a light emitter usually a LED and a light a sensitive device like a photodiode that receives all the light directly emitted by the LED.

When the smoke enters the chamber, the intensity of light received by the photodiode reduces due to density of smoke. If the intensity of received light drops below a pre-set threshold level, fire alarm is triggered confirming fire. 

Unit of measure for level of smoke is Obscuration/foot (Obs/ft).

Photoelectric smoke detectors are highly sensitive to visual particles of smoke and also respond quickly to smouldering fires.

Addressable smoke detectors are wired using 2*1.5 sqmm copper cables from control panel.

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