About Us

About Us

Naveen Alarm Systems India Pvt Ltd established in 1993, stands as the only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and solution provider in India concentrating in the design and manufacture of fire detection and notification system in the brand name Airlight.

Recognized as the first inventor and executor of Android based Addressable Fire Alarm, Digital Public Address, and Gas leak alarm systems, entire range of Airlight Fire detectors, Control panels, Speakers, Paging Unit, software applications etc. are designed, developed and manufactured using in-house facility.

Well known for sophistication in solutions, Airlight products & solutions are continuously implemented by the Indian Ministry of Defense for Air force stations, Navy and Army depots. Apart from Defense, products from Airlight are used at hospitals, hotels, premium residential apartments, VIP offices, Industrial and commercial complexes etc.

The organization and products are rugged, reliable, and dependable for quality after sales, service.

Why Airlight

Compliance to Indian Building Standards:
Airlight products are designed and manufactured to suit Indian climatic conditions, and also complies to Indian Building Standard NBC 2016. Hence, our solutions can enable easy building licensing, initial approval and renewal.

Airlight is also the fire safety solution provider and supplier for the Indian Airforce and Army applications. Benefit from expert product design and solution that is long term functional.

We continuously upgrade our technology to diversify in markets and suit latest electronic gadgets.

End User Technical Advantage
  1. Android based Addressable Control panel with touch screen interface.
  2. Voice alarm notification instead of siren tone.
  3. Detailed emergency information with graphical representation in the form of large text on Android display, voice message and zone map with accurate date and time.
  4. Real time monitoring from Control panel by continuously displaying thermal and smoke level sensed by each detector device in the network.
  5. Detector thermal/smoke sensitivity level customization according to site conditions.
  6. Supports networking of Control panels and Central Monitoring System with Wi-Fi & LAN connectivity.
  7. Reducing panic and business intervention through clever alarm assignment.
  8. Integration of wired and wireless devices to enable flexibility as per site conditions.   
  9. Integration of Digital Public Address system with Fire Alarm and LPG leak Alarm system.
  10. HDMI output from Control panel can connect commercially available low cost large size TV to use as extended monitor.
  11. Tree type cabling topology eases installation, alteration and saves cable.

Airlight produces rugged and trouble free instruments that sustain at very high/ low temperature, altitude, high levels of EMI, transient voltages, etc. As suppliers mainly for the defense applications, our products comply with Military Standards (MIL 461E- tested & certified by NABL India, HCL Laboratories) that are beyond commercial standards such as UL, LPCB etc.

Further, Airlight’s smoke, heat detectors, fire control panel comply with UL and tested at UL, USA lab

Value for Money

Solution from Airlight that focus on sophistication also values cost reduction by

  • Introducing Integrate Fire/LPG Detection system with Digital Public Address/Announcement systems as one whole product that reduces cost of installation & purchase without compromising the purpose & functionality of the overall system.
  • Products from Airlight utilize only 2 core copper cables and support tree type wiring that reduces cable consumption.
  • Hybrid systems from Airlight that integrates wireless and wired devices in the same network reduces cable consumption and ensures safety at architecturally challenged applications.

Original in house manufactured parts are used for all products. As an Indian company, Airlight assures prompt after sales service at affordable price.

Warranty period for one year is assured with all products from Airlight.