2 Zone LPG Alarm Panel


Conventional LPG leakage alarm control panel- 2 Zone

This micro controller based Conventional LPG leakage alarm control panel is equipped with touch control switch and LED indicators. Engineered with less hardware, chances of failure of this unit is minimised. This panel can be used with all standard brand conventional devices. This panel is suitable for budget friendly small sized applications.

Exclusive Features
  • Capacitive touch switch
  • LED as indicators
  • Auto isolate zone when short circuit occurs
  • Supervised NAC output
  • Low battery visual warning with audible tone
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Zone isolate control
  • Two form C potential free contact
  • Lamp test facility
Technical Summary

Electrical Specifications
Primary power supply : 220V/110V±10%AC , 50/60Hz
Secondary power supply : 24VDC (2nos of 12V, 1.3/7Ah SLA battery)
Battery charging current : 500 mA(max)
Battery Charging Voltage : 28±1V
Operating temperature : 0ºC to 49ºC
Storage temperature : 5ºC to 50ºC
Humidity : 0-95% RH(Non-condensing)
Housing : 16 guage cold rolled sheet metal powder coated

Initiating Device Circuit(zone circuit)
Normal voltage : 24V DC
Alarm current : 25mA(max)/Zone
Short circuit peak current : 48mA(max)
End of line Resistor : 4.7KΩ½ watt
Detectors per zone : 20
Relay Contact Rating
Fire relay : 2A@24VDC
Fault relay : 2A@24VDC
NAC output : 480mA@24VDC
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions(HXWXD) : 342x275x70mm
Know More

What is a LPG leakage alarm system and how does it function?

LPG leakage alarm system is one that functions to detect and warn the occupants about the event of LPG leak.

LPG leak detectors use sensors to detect the presence of LPG leak in its surveillance. Once detected, they send across the information to the control panel

Control panel upon receiving the information on LPG gas leak activates the connected sounders, sirens etc. for gas leak warning. 

What is a LPG leakage alarm control panel?

It is the device that controls and monitors all the connected LPG leakage detectors and notification devices(sirens, alarm sounder etc.).

This control panel receives information from the connected devices and reports LPG leak alert based on the information communicated. The connected detectors, sounders etc. receive power supply from the control panel equipment.

What are the different types of LPG leak alarm control panel?

LPG leak Control panels are either of type

  1. Conventional
  2. Addressable

Conventional LPG leakage Alarm Panel:
This type of control panel indicates only the zone in emergency. Exact location cannot be determined from a conventional LPG leak alarm panel or system. Conventional panel utilise LED as zone indicators.

Addressable LPG leakage Alarm Panel:
This type of control panel indicates exact location of LPG leakage by identifying the location of LPG leak detector in alarm. Every device in an addressable network is assigned with a unique ID that is taken as reference to identify the device location.

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