IP Based Electronic Siren (e-siren)


IP Based Electronic Siren(E-siren)

IP based siren form Airlight enables connection and control from fire alarm control panel via LAN. This unit is automatically triggered using LAN/WAN networks at the time of fire. With this advantage, the e-siren can be installed at a remote location using commonly available computer LAN cables.  Further, this device also acts as an interface unit for wireless detectors/manual call points at a remote location to connect with the control panel.

Exclusive Features
  • LAN connectivity
  • Input devices Interfacing function
  • Easy operation
  • Supports remote location installation and monitoring
Technical Summary
Electrical Specifications
Primary Supply : 230V AC, 50Hz & Power over Ethernet
Ethernet Port : RJ-45
Compatibility : UDP Protocol
Protocol : ARP, ICMP, UDP
Mode : UDP Client / Server
Serial Port : RS232*1
RS232 PINS : Rx, Tx, GND
Configuration : Web based
Alarm Output : Internal Buzzer External Cone Siren (Optional)
Control : Volume & Mute /Acknowledge
General Specifications
Humidity : 0-95% RH (Non condensing)
Operating temperature : 0ºC to +40ºC
Storage temperature : -25ºC to +60ºC
Enclosure : Metal enclosure made of 1.6mm CR sheet
Height : 180mm
Width : 135mm
Depth : 35mm