Integrated Fire Alarm with PA Control Panel 3 Loop, 5 Channel


Addressable Integrated Fire Alarm with PA Control Panel - 3 loop, 5 Channel

Integrated Fire alarm with Public address control panel offers seamless connection of all fire alarm detectors, call points etc. along with digital and two way speakers to this one unit. This panel allows the user to monitoring Fire alarm system along with the provision to make live/ pre recorded announcements. In built speaker is used to produce voice alarms and also facilities instant two way communications with the talkback unit. This panel can control external speakers individually for making announcements, playing music etc.

Exclusive Features
  • Android OS with touch screen control
  • Graphic display available in 7" and 10" 
  • Built-in speaker for voice alarm notification
  • Hand mic for announcement and two way communication
  • High-tended emergency info in the form of text, voice & floor map
  • Device customisation control
  • 2 Level Password protection
  • Networkable versions available
  • HDMI output
  • SD card input for transferring voice messages to database
  • Event logs
  • Transient voltage protection upto 2.4KV
  • Uncompromising graphical experience
  • Corrosion protection
Technical Summary
Electrical Specifications
Primary Power : 220V±10%AC, 60/50Hz
Standby Power : 24V DC 
Charging Voltage : 27 ± 1V
Charging Current : 1A(max)
Operating Temperature : 0° C to 49° C
Humidity : 0-95% RH (Non-condensing)
No Of Zones : 32(Max)
No of Loops : 3
No of Channels : 5
Signaling line circuit
Loop Current : 250 mA
Wiring : Class B, Style 4 Wiring
Loop Resistance : 40 ohms
Devices Per Loop
Initiating Devices : 127
Addressable speaker/mic : 12
Auxiliary Supply : 1A@ 24V DC
Supply Fuse : 3A Re settable fuse
Battery Fuse : 3A Re settable fuse
SLC Fuse : 500 mA Re settable fuse
Auxiliary Supply Fuse : 1A Re settable fuse
Fire Alarm : 2 Core Cable
Voice Notification : 4 Core Cable
Compatibility Protocols : AU101X/AUAA2X / ALPA2XV1 /ALAW2XV1 Protocol
Display Resolution : 800X480 Pixels
Display Size : 7”
Enclosure Dimensions (HxWxD) : 460x390X130 mm
Housing Material : 16 Gauge Cold Rolled sheet
Back Box : Black Matte
Front Door : Texture Red 
Know More

What is a fire alarm panel or control panel panel?

It is the device that controls all the connected initiating devices (smoke detectors, manual call points etc.) and notification devices(sirens, alarm sounder etc.).

This fire control panel receives information from the connected devices and reports fire or fault based on the information communicated. The connected devices receive power supply from the fire control panel equipment.

What are the different types of fire alarm panel?

Fire Control panels are either of type

  1. Conventional
  2. Addressable

Conventional Fire Alarm Panel:
This type of fire control panel indicates only the zone in fire. Exact location cannot be determined from a conventional fire alarm panel or system. Conventional fire panel utilise LED as zone indicators.

Addressable Fire Alarm Panel:
This type of fire control panel indicates exact location in fire by identifying the location of device in alarm. Every device in an addressable fire alarm network is assigned with a unique ID that is taken as reference to identify the device location.

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