Integrated Fire Alarm With Public Address

Integrated Fire Alarm With Public Address System

Integrated systems from Airlight combines the functions of both Addressable Fire Alarm System and Public Address System. This system
monitors and control the connected fire sensors, call points etc. just as a fire alarm control panel.

Further, this panel enables the user to play music, broadcast voice messages or make announcements at usual times. Meanwhile, real time monitoring of fire alarm system can also be performed.

With this solution, the user advantages include cost reduction, and instant communication on fire detection to organise evacuation.

Addressable Detectors and Sensors

Manual Call Points


Integrated Fire Alarm With Public Address Control Panel

Sounder Beacon

Speaker With Flasher


Talkback Unit



Along with addressable fire alarm system products, two way speakers and digital speakers are included in the same network. This enables voice alarm notification pin pointing fire location instead of standard siren tone. Instant two way communication with the control panel and talk back unit can be established for quicker emergency actions. Further, attached microphone in the control panel can be used to make live announcements  to a specific speaker or group of speakers at all times.

Recommended for : Large sized applications such as Schools, Stadiums, Hospitals, Residential complex, Malls, Industries, Hotels, Defense facilities etc.

Integrated Fire Alarm with PA Control Panel


1 Loop, 1 Channel


1 Loop, 5 Channel


3 Loop, 1 Channel


3 Loop, 5 Channel


5 Loop, 1 Channel


5 Loop, 5 Channel