Hybrid Fire Alarm Solution

hybrid system

Installation and system design of a fully fledged Wireless system is usually complicated and requires high expertise. A fully fledged Wireless system can also be difficult to maintain and service on a long term basis. Hybrid system solutions from Airlight allows interfacing of wireless devices with a stable wired system.

A complete wired addressable system can be installed at the facility. Wireless devices can be installed only at places that do not have scope for wiring. The Wireless devices can communicate with the existing wired network and work as one complete system. The wireless devices can be monitored from the Addressable control panel.

  • Input interface unit used to connect wireless MCP, detector devices to the wired network
  • Output interface unit used receive instructions from the panel to activate wireless sounders
  • Seamless integration of wired and wireless devices
  • Suitable for archirecturally sensitive structure
  • More reliable than pure wireless system