Digital Addressable PA Control Panel-5 Channel


Digital Public Address System Control Panel-5 Channel

Digital Public Address System Control Panel from Airlight is Android based and is touch screen equipped. Highly sophisticated user controls allows the user to select a specific speaker or group of speakers to play music, pre recorded voice message, make live announcements etc. In built speaker enables two way communication with the connected talk back/ two way speaker units. Volume control for speakers can also be adjusted from the public address system control panel and requires no external amplifiers.
Exclusive Features
  • Android OS with touch screen control
  • Built-in speaker for two way communication
  • Attached microphone for announcement
  • Individual/ group speaker control
  • Speaker location description detailing
  • Graphic display available in 7" and 10" 
  • 2 Level Password protection
  • Transient voltage protection upto 2.4KV
  • Uncompromising graphical experience
  • Corrosion protection
Technical Summary
Electrical Specifications
Primary Power : 110V/220V±10%AC, 60/50Hz
Standby Power : 24V DC (12V, 7Ah SLA Battery,2Nos)
Charging Voltage : 27 ± 1V
Charging Current : 1A(max)
Operating Temperature : 0° C to 49° C
No Of Zones : 32(Max)
No of Channel : 5
Addressable speaker/mic : 12/loop
Supply Fuse : 3A Resettable fuse
Battery Fuse : 3AResettable fuse
Display Resolution : 800X480 Pixels
Display Size : 7"
Enclosure Dimensions (HxWxD) : 460x390X130 mm 
Housing Material : 16 Gauge Cold Rolled sheet
Back Box : Black Matte
Front Door : Texture Red
Compatibility : AU101X/AUAA2X/ALPA2XV1/ALAW2XV1 Protocol
Know More

What is a Public Address (PA) System and why is it required?

Public address system is an electronic sound distribution system. It is used to make live announcements, broadcast pre-recorded voice messages, play music etc. This system is required to address to a large gathering or sometimes even to a small group at a remote location. 

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