Digital LHS Cable

AD LHSC 700-070

Digital Linear Heat Sensing Cable (LHSC)

These cables are heat sensors that offer heat detection all through its length. It can be used to provide early fire warning at areas such as cable trays, storage racks, conveyors etc. where an installation of a detector device can be impractical.

Digital LHS cables that comprises of a twisted pair of 2-core copper wire allows a short circuit or a 'hot spot' between two twisted joints at the time of fire. With the 'hot spot' as reference, digital LHS cable can determine the exact location in fire. However, they cannot be reused like the Analog type LHS cables. 

These cables are connected with the relevant LHSC Interface Unit (LIU) to establish communication with the Control panel.

Exclusive Features
  • Exact location detection
  • Early detection of fire hazards at temperature well below flame point
  • Mechanical and chemical protection available
  • Fixed alarm trigger temperature
  • Easy to install
Technical Summary
Number of cores : 2
Outer Sheath : Black Nylon-Chemical protection
Outer Dia : 4.0mm +/- 0.3mm
Nylon & ss armour : 4.0mm +/- 0.3mm
Min operating Temp : -40ºC
Min installation Temp : -10ºC
1km on the reel-standared : 21kg
500m on the reel-armoured cable : 34kg
Tensile strength : 200Newtons
Alarm Temp : 70ºC
Max Ambient Temp : 45ºC
Know More

What are Linear Heat Sensing Cables and how do they work?

Linear Heat Sensing Cables (LHS cables) are heat sensors that offer heat detection through out its length. They can be used at cable trays, storage racks, conveyors etc. for early fire detection, where an installation of a detector device is impractical.

LHS cables are of type Analog and Digital. Each consists of two cores of copper wire with a polymer separating them. They detect heat as the resistivity separating polymer varies in proportion to the temperature in its surveillance. 

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