Analog LHS Cable

AA LHSC 700-001

Analog Linear Heat Sensing Cable(LHSC)

These cables are heat sensors that offer heat detection all through its length. It can be used to provide early fire warning at areas such as cable trays, storage racks, conveyors etc. where an installation of a detector device can be impractical.

Analog LHS cables has its pair of copper conductor strands separated by an internal polymer whose resistivity varies in proportion with the ambient temperature. With increase in temperature, the width of the polymer separation shrinks bringing the conductors closer and hence increasing resistance. At normal conditions, they expand back to their normal conformance making them reusable. 

These cables are connected with the relevant LHSC Interface Unit (LIU) to establish communication with the Control panel.

Exclusive Features
  • Recoverable and resetable operation
  • Early detection of fire hazards at temperature well below flame point
  • Mechanical and chemical protection available
  • Fixed alarm trigger temperature
  • Easy to install
Technical Summary

Outer Sheath : Red PVC-Standard
Outer Diameter : Red PVC-2.8-3.0mm
Minimum Operating Temperature: 0°C
Weight 1KM on the reel : Red PVC-19kg
Tensile Strength : 200Newtons

Know More

What are Linear Heat Sensing Cables and how do they work?

Linear Heat Sensing Cables (LHS cables) are heat sensors that offer heat detection through out its length. They can be used at cable trays, storage racks, conveyors etc. for early fire detection, where an installation of a detector device is impractical.

LHS cables are of type Analog and Digital. Each consists of two cores of copper wire with a polymer separating them. They detect heat as the resistivity separating polymer varies in proportion to the temperature in its surveillance. 

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